Missouri Arkansas district Moark Kiwanis

Missouri-Arkansas District of Kiwanis Revenue

2016-2017 Kiwanis New Member Add Fees:

When a new member is inducted into a club they pay new member add fees of $ 70. This consists of a Kiwanis International new member add fee of $50 and a MO-ARK District new member add fee of $20.  The $70 is all paid to Kiwanis International, no matter when they join during the year, and they return the $20 to the MO-ARK District. Everyone pays these add fees even prior Circle K, Key Club, and new club members.


2016-2017 Kiwanis Dues:

All Kiwanians in our district pay annual dues to Kiwanis International and the MO-ARK District.  They are due on October 1, 2016:  $97.00

         The breakdown of this amount is as follows:
                                            Kiwanis International Dues:                             $ 52

       This amount includes the $10 increase voted on at the International Convention.                        
                                            Kiwanis International Magazine:                    $   8
                                            Member's Liability Insurance:                         $ 13

           This includes an increase of $1 due to the increased number of claims.
                                           Directors and Officers Liability Insurance    $   4

                                           Total International                                              $ 77

                                           District Dues:                                                        $ 20

                                           Total                                                                        $97

The only exceptions are prior Key club and Circle K students. They do not have to pay dues of $52 for a period of two years but are required to pay $ 25 for the magazine, liability Insurance and directors and officers Liability Insurance. They do not have to pay district dues of $20 for the same period.

A Life Member pays a one-time fee, with the clubs approval, of 15 times the current annual dues ($52) or $780.  The member still has to pay $25 for the magazine, liability insurance and directors and officers insurance plus district dues of $20.


When starting a new club: Check with Kiwanis International